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My aim is to allow you to feel strength, flexibility and freedom in your body and mind. I want you to be able to move better, without pain and improve your sports performance.


Tap into the art of relaxation working to calm and re-balance the nervous system, reducing stress and aiding deep rest, soothing our bodies and mind. Gift yourself.


Yoga as part of your fitness regime can help you work out both body and mind. I offer classes for all levels, for families, groups and also one to one online or in person. 

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View Class Schedule and book in some Yoga time. I now have a full schedule of indoor and outdoor classes! 
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Sports Yoga

As a sports yoga specialist I support sports professionals in improving their performance.
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1 to 1 sessions

I would love to offer you personalised time individually or as a group. 
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Start the weekend well with my Yoga and Coffee events! Come join us on location in Cavan, Monaghan, Leitrim & Sligo and enjoy a class & coffee.


I would love to contribute positively to your group or organisation. Sports/kids to corporate/ retreats I coach, teach or speak. 

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Ballybay club

The Ballybay Management Team would like to say a massive thank you to professional Sports Yoga Teacher Claire Brides for her extraordinary work with us in 2020. In what can only be described as a dificult year for athletes due Covid. Claire’s recovery sessions really benefited players in helping them stay fresh for important matches. The 12-Week Yoga Plan with Claire was geared towards improving players flexibility and mobility. During this period players got the opportunity to train smarter and recover quicker. Furthermore, her knowledge and expertise give players a new focus and helped to develop awareness around the importance of the player recovery process.

We would like to wish Claire Brides the very best of luck in the future, her knowledge and experience in athletic recovery will certainly benefit other players, teams and management.

Amy - Yoga Student

I have really enjoyed Claire's classes, they've helped me to switch off and learn how to become more present in the moment. I like Claire's gentle but powerful way of communicating; her classes are about learning how to move in your body and not comparing yourself to others which I think most of us can focus too much on at times.

Jane - yoga student

It was a pleasure to attend Claire’s outdoor yoga classes. As a first time goer, she made me feel totally comfortable & at ease and was very helpful in correcting some of my moves. I slept much better after each class,have noticed a change in my flexibility and it has brought more awareness to my breathing. Claire is a total natural in this environment & an expert in her field. I can’t wait to attend the next block of classes

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